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From our Detroit office, we serve all of Michigan with professional staffing solutions. Our corporate clients receive consultant-level service. We take the time to learn the operations of each client so we can both meet their current demands and predict their future needs. We provide well-qualified general office staff, but our distinguishing characteristic as a staffing agency is our expertise in certain industries. We speak your language and know how to find the professionals with the skills and attributes you need.

Our clients also have peace of mind knowing that each temporary employee has been thoroughly vetted. Employee screening includes:

  • Criminal background check
  • Check of at least three business references
  • License / certification verification
  • Individual interviews
  • Specific skills verification
  • And more

Thorough Interview

Our recruiters assess a candidate’s past experience, as well as determine what they are looking for in their next position to make the best match.

Criminal Background Check

Very few staffing firms go to the expense and effort of conducting criminal background checks on each candidate. This protects your company against potential charges of negligent hiring and provides you with peace of mind.

Drug Testing

At the client’s request we will provide workers who have passed a pre-employment drug screen prior to the start of their assignment.

In-Depth Reference Checks

Our reference check goes beyond employment verification. We go in depth to uncover more information to make a more informed hiring decision. If needed a written report of reference information can be made available to you.

Additional Verification Services

At the client’s request we are able to provide educational verification, credit checks, DMV checks and more all in an FCRA compliant manner.


The mission of Dreamers Staffing Solutions is to enable our clients to improve their businesses through focus, expertise, cost-efficiency, and better staffing. We work to help businesses focus more attention on core functions while offloading staffing and recruitment functions to a firm that specializes in staffing. We will deliver greater staffing and recruiting expertise than would usually be attainable within our client companies which will have different core functions. We will thereby be able to deliver recruiting and staffing services more cost-efficiently than they could do internally. Ultimately, our mission is to use specialization in staffing paired with industry-specific expertise to give client companies staffs that are more sustainable and better prepared for the core functions of our client businesses.

Additionally, our mission is to improve the lives of the employees we place. We work to minimize the amount of time they need to invest in job searches by directing them to the openings that are just right for them. That, in turn, sets up employees for greater success throughout their careers.


Our vision is greater market penetration throughout Michigan and to be the "secret ingredient" for great business formulas across a wide range of industries. We see ourselves as being so effective and useful to companies that they only whisper "Dreamers Staffing Solutions" to other business owners - to make sure their competition doesn't hear.

Corporate Culture

Our corporate culture is one of old-fashioned respect and professionalism matched with state-of-the-art communications tools. We never overlook the value of client relationships, knowing and understanding clients to walk with them on their journeys while making our expertise available to them.

Our culture is also to match these values with the wisdom to cherish employees. This involves listening to each and every employee, understanding what they want out of their lives, and understanding how their jobs will affect that. To us, a company is less about incorporation paperwork and more about the people with whom we surround ourselves. The people of a company are its core and its future.

Core Values

  • Honesty
  • Respect
  • Reliability
  • Listening
  • Professionalism
  • Life-long learning
  • Industry
  • Service
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